Monday, May 3, 2010

Documentary Video

Now is time for the fun part!  Your probably have a personal preference or particular interest in one of the four categories introduced in the Links and Scaffolding Questions section.  Though you were required to look at the links and answer questions for all four categories.  You now have an opportunity to choose which of the four categories you would like to participate in creating a documentary video.  Look at the links below for information on the basics of using a Flip Camcorder (one will be provided for each group to use), creating a documentary and some examples of short documentaries.  How your group chooses to design your documentary is completely up to you! Creativity, personal interpretations, and using your previous understandings of history are encouraged.  You will be graded on the degree to which you have brought together the information from the websites linked in the webquest, degree of organization, and original conclusions. 

Basics of the Flip Camera:

Basics of Documentary Film Making (Pay close attention to the 7 steps to completing your documentary):

Examples of simple documentaries: -Guy Ritchie Documentary - Mystery At Coral Castle - Pugs: A Short Documentary

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  1. Very nice way to present the WebQuest. I had never considered the blog as a format, but I will surely encourage future students who want to do WebQuest to explore this format by referring them to your blog!

    Raúl A. Mora, Ph.D.
    Instructor, CI 473, Spring 2010
    University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign